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Campania Tour Guide – Tourist Guides – Napoli

Campania Tour Guide – Tourist Guides – Napoli

Guided Tour in Pompeii

For history lovers, Ctourguide offers its services to introduce you through a guided tour in Pompeii, all the secrets of the city and its tremendous end. Dating back to 79 A.D. the testimonies that describe the eruption of Vesuvius, the same that, in detail, report the desolation and destruction that faced the cities at its feet. Together with Pompeii, were also Herculaneum and Stabia to be invested by the fury of the mountain that in those years, decided to wake up and cover with magma and lapilli all the surrounding territory.

The Ctourguide with its guided tour in Pompeii will catapult you into the old world, of which you can truly discover the background and habits, touching the routine of an old polis. They were so called ancient cities in fact, unexplored places where there is still hidden a story to tell, made of houses, walls, facades, frescoes and much more, and all made available to those who still want to get lost within the knowledge and knowledge on our earth.

Guided tour in Herculaneum

In addition to giving you the opportunity to visit places rich in history and art, Ctourguide offers the best escorts to take you on a guided tour in Herculaneum. It is very interesting and full of magic. For all fans in fact, it is recommended to make use of real professionals in the sector such as Ctourguide, which for years offer advantageous offers for your stays at the foot of Vesuvius.

Now inactive for millennia, the volcano is full of secrets and a great desire to be discovered in all its facets, especially historiographical ones, since it has been described in the chronicle of time as a real undisputed protagonist. Pompeii, Stabia and finally Herculaneum were the famous polis that were destroyed by his fury, but still remain a very popular destination, to visit at least once in your life. Through a guided tour in Herculaneum, you can also experience those sensations, being completely immersed in 79 AD.